Baby Boomer Peace

A gift from our Founding Fathers

This government of ours has become so large and so bloated that now it is in every one of our lives.It chips away at the freedoms instilled in each of us that were the basis for the greatness of this country.

Our Founding Fathers fought hard against government intrusion in our lives because they knew it would stifle freedom and the god-given spirit of those that longed to become Americans. They preserved that spirit in a document that we Americans would always be free.

Free to pursue our own happiness. Free to pursue our dreams without government interference or overindulgence. There were limits put on government in our Constitution. Our Constitution is what makes America.

It is a gift of the Founding Fathers.

Patty Clark is a friend of mine. She has always loved to write and now writes a column called “Damsel in dis-mess.” It is a very entertaining column.

She writes from the standpoint of a single mom of two marriages with three adult daughters and the crazy life she’s stumbled her way through.

Because she wasn’t published and dreamed she would be some day, Patty persevered and posted her writings on some blog and an editor of a newspaper in Kansas City, just flipping through the Internet one day, saw one.

This editor contacted Patty and voila, Patty is on her way to eventual syndication writing a weekly column now for a big city newspaper. I love it!

I liken Patty to the American experience. Through a dream and a restless spirit plus a little divine intervention, Patty was able to succeed.

We are Americans and we are divinely protected! We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are free to succeed, fail and then succeed again. Entrepreneurial spirit is what made this country great, not government.

I look at the problems of large inner cities due to the overindulgence of government.

What I see from time to time on various television segments are kids, who don’t know if they will be killed tomorrow on the way to or in their school, become brilliant children through inner city private schools that take vouchers and are selective of their students.

In other words, if the kids don’t succeed, they’re out!

The teachers at these schools are not union members so they fight for their jobs every day through their excellence.

They have the need to succeed, so when they transfer that to their students, who also succeed, going on to college and becoming productive Americans, instead of inner city victims.

Everyone has, or should have, their dreams but if the government stifles dreams by supporting you only just enough so that you are not able to break out of your circumstance then that is not good.

Those citizens who live on unearned government assistance should eventually be cut off or put on a program that cuts their government benefits by a small percentage every month.

Do you think someone whose income is dwindling monthly is going to sit there and starve or set up a box on the street to live in?

Maybe someone yes, but for the overwhelming majority, no.

That is because we are, and they are, all Americans with dreams and a survival instinct.

Everyone should have the environment to seek out those dreams.

Dreams, competition and free enterprise are the basis of what succeeds and makes America great. Government, in all its good intentions is just too big and it stifles the American dream.

As only one example of government in our lives, education falls into that category.

The best teachers in a public school, because of their pay and benefits (golden handcuffs), can’t afford to step away from government security and form a sub-chapter S corporation, get a loan, open a school and then teach the way they want to teach.

The problem is, just like the inner city “victims” of government assistance, teachers are trapped just enough by tenure, pay, benefits and eventual retirement funds.

They are trapped by the same golden handcuffs as inner city welfare recipients are.

Those attached to golden handcuffs are losing the American dream.

The American dream is something that was fought for, not given nor taken.

If a private school and it’s partnering teachers succeed, it will grow and prosper as will each “partner.”

In the public schools, if a teacher excels they can take that excellence and a buck and get a refill at 7-Eleven.

We need to remember to be like Patty Clark no matter what is going on around us.

We need that survival instinct and drive to live out our dreams and succeed. God stepped in and helped Patty out because God had that editor see something Patty wrote at that very time.

There is a plan for each of us and there is a plan for America.

We are all Spirit and We stand for something. We were founded on the principal that God put us on this earth to be free.

God is central to this country and God is not going to let this country come undone.

He has given us a spirit and that spirit is what will continue to make America what it is.

The American spirit will rise up again and there will be big changes before it is time for us baby boomers to check out.

America will shine like never before because of us, we the people.

We will succeed.

We will and should always be the stewards of our own fate and the stewards of the fate of this great country.

We fought once as the generation of flower children for freedom, love and peace.

That spirit still lives. Don’t give up and don’t give away that dream.

Fight for your peace.