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5 ways to slither into skinny jeans for ‘Sex and the City’ premiere in May

At Thyme in the Ranch today, I ran into a lovely realtor I know — Ashley with the Prudential office in town. She was so sweet, she said, “You’re still looking thin.” I replied, “I have to look pretty for my husband, don’t I?” Sort of a corny retort I guess, but for the rest of the day, I drifted around in a haze feeling rather good about my recent diet changes.
If you read my column last year, you might recall a weight loss program I did just in the nick of time for my wedding last July. The good news is I’ve learned a few tricks that actually work. Here are five little secrets that have me excited to wear my favorite pair of skinny jeans to the new “Sex and the City” movie this May:
1. Take Omega 3 pills or fish oil pills daily. I take three in the morning and three mid-day (if I can remember). Why? Omega 3s are a natural appetite suppressant that help keep hunger pains away, while adding lustrous shine to your skin and hair.
2. Cut out all red or white wine. Sound difficult? Ask me, I know. Last summer when I first started my program, I absolutely had a thing for heavy cabernets, or a good glass of pinot noir. Wine packs powerful antioxidants, just like a chocolate bar. However, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat more than one piece of chocolate, sort of like wine. Unfortunately, we as a society have been seduced by the fabulous wineries throughout the world. And, if you are a woman, you might have watched one too many “Sex and the City” episodes of Carrie and the girls lapping up the vino.
Unfortunately, wine may appear to be sexy and sophisticated, however, the many useless calories that are filled with sugar tend to hang around your midriff area. If you know me around town, you know my newly inspired happy hour drink is tequila.
Yes, that’s right, chilled with just a touch of salt around the edge. Tequila spikes the glycemic index lower than most any other alcohol. Trust me, say goodbye to wine and slither into your skinny jeans. Do your own research on this topic.
3. Cut out all diet colas/energy drinks and switch to Pellegrino/soda water and green or black teas. Most are under the assumption that soda water contains quite a bit of sodium, which makes you retain water. Not true. There is a minimal amount that lends to kicking that afternoon treat you really don’t need, while taking in part of your eight glasses of water for the day.
4. Keep fat free cool whip in your freezer with some frozen berries. If you are like me, it feels pretty fabulous to indulge in a simple sweet tooth-fix once on occasion. While I followed my weight loss program, this was my secret trick for having a sugary treat. Of course, don’t sit there and eat an obscene amount of blueberries and whip cream. We’re talking an elegant cup at most as your dessert to treat yourself before your evening is over.
(If you don’t like whipped cream, try Greek yogurt, with a Splenda packet as a substitute with the berries).  
5. Eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. This wasn’t actually part of my diet plan. But since I’m a runner, I have found out that this is an excellent source of fiber and “good carbs” for your body. Add some raisins and some flaxseed, and you have the perfect meal to run a 5K in under 28 minutes.
Just know that this is not a way to lose weight, but merely tips on how to cut unwanted calories from your diet, while still enjoying some other indulgent you might have missed if you hadn’t read the latest “Machel’s Ranch.”
Around town
On April 3, I celebrated my son’s 10th birthday at Dave and Busters with all of his best friends. I have to admit I did feel a bit weepy this year since my son is now in the double digits. Jackson, however, is proud as punch as they say back in the Midwest. That day felt like a mini trip to Vegas for kids. I had never been before, so now I know why it’s an instant hit. Reese and Holden MacDonald, Chloe Temple, Matthew Sorge and Atiana Smith posed with Jackson for a photo on this fun day, which truly was special for all there. Thanks to the mothers that let their children stay longer that day. No one wanted to leave … except for me!
On April 6, I ran into a wonderful Ranch resident at Thyme in the Ranch on my lunch break. Her name is Michelle. As I was standing in line for my favorite half cobb salad, we began a lovely conversation.
“I love your column,” she said. “I look forward to it whenever the paper comes out and have my coffee, while I read. It’s sort of the US Magazine for Rancho Santa Fe.” Well, you could say Michelle made my week that day. How sweet. I’m so glad to hear it’s perceived that way, because that is my intention, indeed. Then Michelle showed me her fabulous wedding ring, which was just upgraded after being married for 27 years. At least 20 or so karats! She and her husband flew to St. Thomas to renew their vows. I do believe there was a yacht involved on this trip that sounded right out of a summer read paperback novel, and I was charmed. I didn’t snag a photo of Michelle that day, because she was being shy, so I am sharing with you a shot of one of my favorite places where we met, Thyme in the Ranch. Michelle, congratulations on your wonderful marriage, and newly upgraded impressive rock! Please contact me anytime. I would love to feature any “around town” stories you have to share. Thanks for reading.
On April 8, I received some wonderful photos from Santa Fe Christian. For the last two weeks in March, SFC Drama department presented Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella,” showcased at the Start Theatre in Oceanside. You may not know this, but the late Heath Ledger’s costar and former girlfriend Michelle Williams is a Santa Fe Christian alumni, and was very active in the art department. The lead was played by Sarah Filiciotta-White and Prince Charming was played by Alec Rogers. Katie Brown, Henry Johnson and Kevin Chanaris are also featured in a behind-the-scenes photo featured here. Thanks Jill Sorge for sharing these wonderful pictures. Her son Anthony played the drums. And congratulations to the cast of “Cinderella” at Santa Fe Christian. Who knows, maybe one of you will grow up to be nominated for an Oscar, like Michelle Williams! For more information regarding Santa Fe Christian, visit
On April 12, I attended the Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian Club and found out some very exciting news. The Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian Club has been acknowledged by the Paul Harris Club. What does this mean? This means that donations amounting to $1,000 per member have been donated to the Rotary International Foundation. Only four other Rotary clubs in a “district of 60” other clubs have been bestowed this honor. Paul Harris was the original founder of the Rotary Club. Margie Cole, the district governor, shared the story of how Paul and four of his friends started the Rotary Club in 1908 with only four members. To quote him, “Service above Self,” which is one of their famous mottos. And, if you are wondering where this money goes, it is distributed all over the world to the less fortunate that need our help. Congratulations Rancho Santa Fe Rotary for achieving such a distinguished honor. I have included two photos from that day.
On April 13, I received some exciting news from Laura Koring, marketing manager for Delicias Restaurant. Men, don’t miss out on this event. If you enjoy the taste of fine scotch and smoking a good cigar, Delicias will be hosting its Cigar and Scotch Evenings from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Enjoy exquisite hors d’oeuvres, Payne-Mason cigars and Johnnie Walker scotches, plus more. This will be a feature event for every second Tuesday of the month. For more details, call Laura at (858)-756-8000 or e-mail  Guess what? The first 20 guests that call to RSVP for this evening will receive complimentary gifts. I can think of one particular male group in the Ranch that will be thrilled this evening is happening! Maybe I can feature who they are in my next column … stay tuned.
Save the date
Have a Heart fundraiser coming up from 6 to 10:30 p.m. May 7 at the La Costa Resort, 2100 Costa Del Mar Road, Carlsbad. This is the annual Glamourama event that benefits Rady Children’s Hospital. This will be presented by the North Coast Unit of Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary. The theme this year is Wicked/Wizard of Oz and the Yellow Brick Road. The fundraiser will showcase up to 20 local vendors and includes a silent auction. To add to the fun theme, there will also be feature card readers, astrologers and massages available to all of the guests that attend. Where do I sign up?  Call Laura Stearn at (760) 419-3259 to reserve your tickets today.


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