Railroad underpasses too costly

I am a longtime resident of Leucadia and am appalled at the proposed plans for the
railroad underpasses that have just been approved by the Encinitas Planning Commission.
Each underpass will have a price tag of $5 million to build, and thus far, there is only enough funding to build one. In addition, has the commission not noticed that we are in a deep recession?
I propose that pedestrian crossings be built instead in more spots, across the tracks. The models to use for this can be found at the Encinitas train station, where pedestrians cross the tracks from the parking lot over to the station to board the train. Another pedestrian crossing can be found at the intersection in Leucadia. There are warning signs posted at each to proceed with caution.
More crossings at a reasonable price will better serve the community. I urge the Planning Commission to reconsider and approve a more realistic plan.

Doug Dixon

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