If you’re looking for succulents, look no further

Gardens by the Sea Nursery

Gardens by the Sea Nursery

Family-owned Gardens by the Sea in Leucadia is one of those nurseries that prides itself on having as much knowledge about plants as it does giving inspiration in landscape designs.
Garden expert Mike Hirsch talks about how Gardens by the Sea can help add to any of your landscaping needs.

Your nursery is like a hidden treasure in Leucadia. How long have you been in the community?
Amazingly enough I have owned nurseries in this community for more than 30 years, including 10 years at our current location! Look for the painted murals on the front or back of Royal Liquor.
You can easily miss it but it’s worth turning around for! My daughter Danica and I are proud to be one of the family run businesses here in Leucadia and if you frequent the nursery, you will know that many of our employees have been here as long as we have!

What different types of plants and supplies do you sell?
We specialize in a wide selection of waterwise plants including succulents, aloes, air plants, cacti, agave, bromeliads and grevilleas, as well as many other rare plants. In addition, we carry edible plants such as herbs and seasonal vegetables…..plus a variety of soils, stone, boulders, garden art, and statuary. Join us on Facebook or gardensbythesea.com to get a glimpse of what we carry.

What if I don’t have a green thumb, but I still want something beautiful on my patio?
We make our own creations using lava rock, driftwood, terracotta, vintage crates, glazed pottery and pretty much anything we can get our hands on that has a spot we can fit a plant.
We have many types of pottery imported from all over the world. We can help you create your own special arrangement. We can help you with beautiful yardscapes that require little or no maintenance too!

Your nursery is so lush and beautiful, can you help give me ideas about what to plant in my yard?
Yes, we encourage you to bring photos of your smaller projects to help with plant or material choices and for the larger projects, we offer top notch landscaping consultations.
We will come to your house and draw up a custom plan based on what you desire. From there we will schedule a date and proceed to turn your yard into a work of art that you will love. We can help with everything, including irrigation, lighting, water features, patios, dry riverbeds, rock gardens, and creating a plan to fit your needs and budget. We have established landscape examples inside our nursery to generate ideas for your own paradise!
Come in and experience Gardens by the Sea and you will be back and bring your family and friends!
Each one of our team has an expertise and will impart their knowledge on you, whether it is what plants attract hummingbirds, to what kind of soil to plant with your newly purchased cactus.
Come in now while we are flush with herbs and veggies specially priced at five for $10 while they last now through April 2.
Gardens by the Sea is located at 1500 N. Coast Highway 101.
Call (760) 840-0270 or (760) 860-0262 for more details.


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