Auditions calling at the Performing Arts Academy

The Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy (CPAA) is offering a special opportunity for those wishing to audition for its upcoming 2012 major production of “Peter Pan.”
Aimee Greenberg, internationally regarded in the industry, will direct the stage play adaptation of the 2003 movie script.
Greenberg, a Carlsbad resident and also published writer, is thrilled about this “coming of age story for all ages” project.
“It is about the fleeting moment of innocence in life; the spark of magic and make-believe that we need to recreate again and again to find meaning and purpose in daily life,” Greenberg said. “My adaptation is based on the 2003 movie script, which I found more compelling than the Disney version.”
Greenberg said the movie script intrigued her for its visual and psychological elements. She describes the 2003 movie script as more imaginative, creative, and a fantastic conceptualized piece than any other prior Peter Pan production.
Currently, there are 20 to 25 cast role openings. Greenberg is in search of both youth and adult performers who are young at heart and have the “X Factor” casting ingredients. Prior theatre experience is welcomed she said adding that it’s not entirely necessary.
“We’re not going to rely on special effects and technology,” she said. “My goal is to creative a cohesive and versatile ensemble; to fully engage both performer and audience alike.”
Those who have the chance to team up with award-winning Greenberg will have the experience to train with a seasoned theatre artist who has worked both nationally and internationally. Among Greenberg’s long list of accomplishments include regular appearances on All My Children and Ryan’s Hope, film roles, and acted and directed on off-Broadway in New York. Additionally, Greenberg was artistic director for her own theatre company, HEIJERA, based in Los Angeles.
Actors will also have the opportunity to perform in a black box theater; the only of its kind in North County.
“The black box is designed to be utilized by both novice performers to gain experience and for ‘professional’ or the more seasoned actor to keep working on their craft, as well as produce theatrical pieces that may not be suitable for a larger venue,” said Mary White, founder and artistic director of Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy.
CPAA was established in 2009. It provides an array of classes in acting, dancing, and music. Its students range from toddlers to adult professionals. White said when they opened their doors they did it with the intention of being an all-inclusive performing arts facility.
“Students would be able to both study their craft as well as perform in an intimate setting that allowed for the performer to gain experience in front of a live audience without having to be in 200-300 seat theatre,” she said. “The black box has been in the works since the opening, but the real renovation was completed in Feb. 2011.”
Greenberg said CPAA’s black box is the perfect intimate venue; its blank black canvas will set the stage for a journey to Neverland.
“I’m very excited about exploring this adaptation of the film script and helping to create an authentic ‘actor’s’ play, where the performers will be using the full scope of their talents and skills to play a wide range of characters.”
Auditions will be held on Dec. 9 and Dec. 10. To schedule an audition appointment, please e-mail Greenberg at For more information please call (760) 438-4947 or visit


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