Appreciating the work of local newspaper

As a friend and constituent of Maggie Houlihan, I wish to express my gratitude for the outstanding journalistic pieces done by Andrew Audet and Lillian Cox of the Coast News eulogizing our much beloved councilwoman. Several columns provided inspiring poignant accounts of all that she advocated for and accomplished during her 11 year tenure on the Encinitas City Council.
For the last 11 years she expended great amounts of energy not only to protect our environment and community character, but to preserve quality of life for all creatures fortunate enough to inhabit Encinitas.
Andrew Audet wrote of Maggie’s oft repeated warnings of a council super majority that could increase density without a vote of the people. “Maggie had a history of following the recommendations of the Encinitas Planning Commission to preserve community character and protecting property values when others didn’t.” Maggie had her finger on the pulse of vital issues affecting our city until the week before she died when she lapsed into unconsciousness.
Maggie often emphasized that Democracy could not be maintained without ongoing vigilance. Her last ounce of vital energy was expended on our behalf. We can express our appreciation and preserve our community by casting our votes for the candidates that reflect the authenticity, environmental stewardship and devotion to preserving paradise that Maggie championed until the very end of her life.
If we don’t want lot line to lot line development, we need to vote for Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer in 2012. We also need top ay close attention to the proposed changes to the general plan that will be taking place in the next 6 months.
There isn’t a local newspaper that provides better coverage of what’s going on in Encinitas than the Coast News. Jim Kydd deserves our admiration for tackling the tough issues and informing us with the most detailed coverage. Kudos to Jim Kydd, Andrew Audet, Lilian Cox and Wehtannah Tucker for newsworthy, reliable stories that we can use to guide us in the voting booth.


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