Marines test strength and endurance

CAMP PENDLETON — Marines tested their strength, endurance and ability to work as a team during the 7th annual Leatherneck Field Meet at the Paige Fieldhouse, Oct. 26.
Marine Corps Community Services’ field meet, draws together various Pendleton units who then contend in various timed competitions such as, pull-ups, 1600-meter guidon relay race, tug-of-war, squad pushups, Humvee pull, agility course and the traditional “dizzy izzy.”
This event also counted for points toward the 2011 Pendleton Cup Series.
“We put this event together to help build various units’ cohesion and confidence,” said Theresa Flores, event coordinator, MCCS Camp Pendleton. “Plus, it goes hand in hand with our main mission to keep the Marines and sailors within the installation physically prepared at all times.”
 The units competing in this year’s field meet were 9th Communications Battalion, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 7th Engineer Support Battalion, and Combat Logistics Regiment 17 and a team from Camp Telega. Each unit was separated by gender, and competed in groups of five.
Units quickly found that teamwork was the key, and proved it by displaying one of the most intense tug-of-war contests ever seen at the Leatherneck Field Meet, according to many spectators.
Competitors took a break halfway through the competition and enjoyed complementary refreshments on behalf of the Semper Fit staff.
The competition ended with the traditional “dizzy izzy,” in which competitors spin 30 times around a standing softball bat with foreheads attached to the top before completing complete a 20 yard dash.
 “The men and women of Camp Pendleton really came out here and gave everything they had,” said Flores. “They came together as a team, and really showed the true meaning of teamwork.”
Units interested in competing in next year’s Leatherneck Field Meet should contact Camp Pendleton’s athletic director personnel at (760) 763-5519.  All participants must be active-duty military.


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