Passages: October 7, 2011

Forrester David Cravens
January 5, 1989 to
September 24, 2011
David Forrest Henderson
September 13, 2011
Jean A. Janenko
September 22, 2011
Mary Lapham
Solana Beach
April 17, 1923 to
September 27, 2011
Anna P. Laurence
April 29, 1938 to
September 18, 2011
Lew John Lowery
July 25, 1918 to
September 12, 2011
Boris G. Kovalenko
Boris (Boe to his friends) died at the age of 53 of complications from surgery on Sept.12, 2011. He was born in Santa Cruz, California at the old Dominican Hospital. He lived most of his life in Encinitas, Calif. He was a graduate of Kapaa high school on Kauai, Hawaii.
To all that have known and loved Boe, they have been blessed.
Boe loved life, the ocean and sunny days. He was a surfer, surf board shaper (there was always a plan for a board to be shaped), commercial lobster fisherman (being very proud of his license and his first boat was named the Elynor Jayne, after his grandmother), mason, and builder. He made his living and enjoyment from the ocean. The average man could not walk in Boe’s footsteps, they would not survive. Boris was very intelligent and very gifted. So many talents for just one person. He never failed to give the daily surf report to his friends and uncle. Boe was an avid reader and bilingual, being fluent in Spanish. His favorite pass time was watching documentaries and the series “The Deadliest Catch” plus movies in English and Spanish.
No matter what life threw at him, he always bounced back and actually smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Boris always began and ended a sentence with ALOHA and his family will remember and miss him for his kindness, generosity and love of family and friends. During Boe’s short life he became friends with so many different people. His mother Sharon once wrote in a letter to Boe’s grandmother in 1979, “Boe is in and out of the house most of the time. He is truly something else. I have accepted the fact he will be a Wanderer but he is happy in his own way and that is what counts. I love him.”
Boe leaves behind Heidi Hansen Garvey (sister), Christian Hansen (brother), George Kovalenko (father), Don Hansen (step father), and many friends and relatives.
Boe was preceded in death by his mother Sharon Anater Hansen, brother Nick Kovalenko and brother Sage Hansen.
A celebration of Life will be at Glen Park, Cardiff by the Sea, California, at 1PM on Saturday, October 8th.


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