Chargers still looking to finish games off

SAN DIEGO – Chargers head coach Norv Turner approached the podium during Monday’s press conference, a day after losing 27-21 to the New York Jets, with no prepared statement, but the elephant in the room was the team’s preparation, including the offense’s two minute drill that showed confusion between the players.
“There was some confusion,” Turner said. “And we have to eliminate that.”
The biggest thing we have to do is execute all of the details at a level that is necessary in this league, Turner explained. “You need a lot of reps, and we haven’t had as many as those reps as we normally would have because we’ve had a bunch of guys not being able to practice. That’s the way we’re going to get back to being as sharp as we’ve been.”
Although the Chargers had won the coin toss, they deferred to the Jets, knowing that they would elect to receive the ball. Turner said he had discussed this strategy with the team on Saturday.
“These guys…like every team in this league, put so much in to the preparation for every single game,” Turner said. “We had things we wanted to accomplish in this game.”
One of those things was to challenge the defense and kickoff coverage, Turner explained.
“We ended up getting a take-away that ended up in points,” he said. “I certainly didn’t imagine that happening when we made that decision.”
The Chargers took an 11-point lead into half-time. But Turner said despite the team’s efforts they weren’t able to finish the game. “I’m not comfortable with an 11-point lead with six minutes left because I’ve been in this league too long.”
Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said it was time to move on from the loss and look ahead to playing a surging division rival in the Kansas City Chiefs next Monday for what could be a share of first place.
“We’ve got a division game that we’ll all be ready to go in, getting our fifth win,” he said.
Offensively, Rivers said there aren’t any drastic changes needed, but that it comes down to playing better and put a complete game together. “We still haven’t put one together and we’re 4-2. You can look at that in two ways. Obviously we’re not playing as good as we can and we’ve won 4 games, or we better get it together or we’re not going to get done what we want to get done. But we’re in a position right now at 4-2, where everything we’ve set out to do at the beginning of the year is there for us.”
The Chargers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, Oct. 31.


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