School seeking art center donations

RANCHO SANTA FE — Those wishing to be a part of the 3/24 Club to provide seating in the new performing arts center at R. Roger Rowe School, should get in touch with the school’s administration. For $1,000 a person can provide a seat and have a plaque affixed to a chair with their name, their family’s name or business name. This is a good way to help pay for the $330,000 project that will include 300 retractable chairs and can open or fold up in minutes. Seventy people have already paid for chairs for their names.
The job went to Audience Systems out of the United Kingdom, said Lindy Delaney, superintendent of schools at the school board’s Oct. 6 meeting. At the meeting the board voted to get the project started by providing funds for the construction platforms for the seating and the electrical wiring required.
The seats will be hard plastic with wood trim.
“We are a school and we have kids who put their feet on things,” Delaney said. “Having upholstered chairs does not feel that good.”
At its meeting on Oct. 6, the board of education voted to get the project started by providing funds for the platforms for the seating and the electrical wiring required.
Also, to accommodate the new seating system, two of the theatre doors will have to be altered.
Delaney also reported the new construction will allow for a area at the back of the theatre for follow spotlights that can be utilized by students who are studying how a theatre works behind the scene.
“For kids learning about lights and sound, the follow spots are great for kids to have hands on experience,” Delaney said.
Also discussed at the meeting was the warranty work that needs to be done which goes into affect a year after construction on the school was finished.
“We completed the warranty walk through and made a list of things we feel should be fixed,” Delaney said.
Among the items are trees in the courtyard, which are failing and some air conditioning units that have thermostat problems.
The stairs that were installed without having been galvanized are still being fixed and the last of them finished during winter break.
Also during winter break, the track around the new athletic field is scheduled for installation.
Trustee Todd Frank asked that in the future, the board think about technology and where it is going for students and how best to apply it to their education.


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