Lacrosse clinics benefit Tijuana orphanage

RANCHO SANTA FE – Alexander Evans-Pfeiffer thinks big. The high school senior is on a mission to engage Mexican children in the sport of lacrosse. Last Saturday he and friend, Eddy Glazener, hosted their 10th annual lacrosse clinic at the City of Angels Children’s Home in Tijuana.
Like his students, Alexander was an avid fan and participant in traditional team sports such as soccer and football before being introduced to Lacrosse five years ago.
“It became my passion in a way no other sport ever has,” he said. “Lacrosse has a similar strategy of scoring as soccer, contact like football, with defense very similar to that of basketball. It’s the fastest game on two legs!”
Lacrosse is a variation of stickball games like baseball and hockey. The lacrosse stick is strung with netting that is designed to catch and hold the ball. The object of the game is to use the Lacrosse stick to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal.
Alexander says the game has been inaccessible to many kids because it can cost up to $1,000 to equip one player. Because of this, he donated his own equipment to the orphanage, then embarked on an ambitious fundraising drive.
“Because I know just about all the players and coaches in the San Diego area, I put the word out that I was seeking donations of equipment for my charity projects,” he said. “Everyone was very willing to donate their old gear for such a great cause. People want to help and give back. They just need a vehicle.”
Alexander said he’s especially grateful to teammates Ben Preston and Christian Guinchard.
“I am so happy that I can be the conduit for all the unwanted equipment from friends!” he said.
Alexander got the idea for the clinics targeted to kids ages 8-12 after traveling to Tijuana with Morgan Hicks, another Bishop’s classmate who is a regular volunteer at the orphanage. Today, she helps plan the events.
“I think the children’s favorite part of the clinic was when they all played on one team against Alexander and Eddie,” she recalls. “When they told the kids they could keep the equipment, their faces lit up! They were begging them to come back and play again and said they would practice extra hard so they could beat them the next time!”
Eddy, who will be playing defensive on the lacrosse team at Notre Dame next year, says he’ll always remember that moment.
“Seeing the children learn something new so quickly showed me how, in a larger sense, countries can change quickly, especially a country like Mexico which is having many issues,” he said. “I will never forget when the boys asked when we will come back to play with them. They asked us to bring back more lacrosse players so we could have a big game! I have done community service before, but this was much more special than any I have experienced.”
Alexander also teaches clinics to boys in Rancho Santa Fe. In November, he’ll be holding a clinic at the San Pasqual Academy. Although he’ll be leaving for college next year to study business, he says that won’t deter him from spreading lacrosse around the world.
“I plan to continue giving back with my lacrosse clinics during the summers when I return from college, and I would love to continue the clinics at the college I attend,” he said. “I have also done volunteer work at orphanages around the world — China, Africa and Mongolia, to name a few. I want to continue my charity work, and follow in my mother’s footsteps by always helping those who need us.”
Alexander’s mother, Lena Evans, is a well-known philanthropist recognized this year by Ranch & Coast magazine, San Diego Magazine and 96.5 KyXy radio with a “Hometown Heroes Award” for her service to the community, country and the world.
To learn more about the City of Angels Children’s Home, visit
For more information about Alexander’s lacrosse clinics, or to make a donation, visit Alexander’s Facebook fan page Youth Lacrosse Clinic or e-mail


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