Letters to the Editor Week of October 14, 2011

Oceanside council majority is dangerous
Councilman Kern continues to go to the dark side and give the city away to developers.  He wants to eliminate notice to neighbors of upcoming projects. Undoubtedly his council buddies, Jack Feller and Gary Felien, will go along with this move.
The policy was instituted after the city scheduled a hearing for a concrete plant in the Loma Alta Neighborhood and no one knew about it in advance. Of course private citizens had to sue to stop the industrial, polluting concrete plant. Thank goodness they prevailed.
Thanks to the hard work of members of the public, a new notification policy was established. This policy makes for meaningful public dialogue on projects before they are approved by staff and ensures property values remain high and neighborhoods aren’t overburdened with traffic and pollution.
By eliminating this excellent policy, the council ensure their developer donors can wreck this town and the public voice is eliminated.
Please go to the council meeting on Oct.14 and tell the “Terrible Three” you want the Notice Policy to remain in place.
Remember their actions at election time, too, and throw Feller out of office! This assault on the public’s right to know must be stopped!
Mandy Barre
Fighting for an end to the death penalty
The EU doesn’t allow any state to join unless they abolish the death penalty —among other requirements. I just became a U.S. citizen and I’m fighting to abolish the death penalty in California and in the USA.
I’m deeply troubled by the atrocious murder that the state of Georgia committed — a mistake that bears the ultimate consequence, the needless death of a human being and the unbearable pain for his family. There is no turning back after Troy Davis has been executed; another death to provide “closure” to a family and a community that has been in pain for over 20 years?
This is a delusion, not closure; this looks more like vengeance, and never justified. This is not justice; this is blind and deeply damaging.
The Board of Paroles and the Supreme Court should be concerned with long-term consequences, too, like allowing the real killer to walk free, the psychological toll on the executioners and the loss of trust in the justice system by the citizens.
Alessandra Colfi
Del Mar cannot get enough money to spend   
The most recent attempt is to get the TPAC to recommend “Pay and Display” (parking meters) throughout the city, except the residential areas south of 4th, north of 15th and east of half blocks along Camino Del Mar.   
For the visitors, employees and residents who now park on the streets adjacent to CDM, their alternative to feeding meters and continually moving their cars would be to park on the un-metered residential streets.  Simple!
But, then it sounds like it will be illegal to park on nonmetered streets in the other residential areas, because there will be an annual master permit available to all at a price of $350 entitling the holder (residents?) to park in any legal spot in the city up to 72 hours in nonmetered spots!
Talk about money, get a load of this!  Residents will also be entitled to one $100 sticker to do what the $350 permit allows, and if you replace the car or break the windshield, the sticker can be replaced for $10.  Single-family house residents will be entitled to a hanging permit to park at the end of or across your driveway entrance for $44.  And employees can buy $150 semi-annual permits to park someplace to be determined!  Contractors can buy 90-day permits for $100 per vehicle!
I thought the purpose of TPAC was to improve traffic and parking problems, not city finance problems.
Ralph Peck
Del Mar


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