Letters to the Editor 9/23/11

College isn’t for all
NOT everyone is college material. Many years ago in high-school I had to decide my future. I could go too Lane Tech or Tuley High. Lane Tech offered academic courses half-a-day, the other learn a trade. Auto Mechanic, machine operator, plumber and other skills.
Upon graduation you would have a marketable skill. Start working as an apprentice. Re-instate such a program in some of our high schools. So our young people could have a skill to be employed.
I chose Tuley High (closer to home), mastering art courses. After graduation, I attended full-time art school (2 years) with a scholarship.

William Hart,

Obama caters to the Union
I listened to the Obama address to the rank and file in Detroit last week. Gag me. Does the president think he is fooling anyone? He must not be in reality. Maybe he has drunk too much of his own “kool aid.”
It is quite obvious he was speaking direcltly to the union goons.
I thought Obama said we should carry on a civil discourse? So where is the civil discourse with such nags as Hoffa, Maxine Waters and Joe Biden to name a few who blame the tea party for their ills? The socialists need to understand the tea party is here to stay and God bless the tea party.
The socialists have nothing left and have resorted to name calling because there is no defense for the socialist job stopping, far-left agenda.
“The vast majority of construction workers — nearly 87 percent — do not belong to a labor organization. Instead, they have made a choice to sell their skills in the open free market.” — Philip Piel, Board Chairman of the Associated Builders and Contractors, San Diego.
So all of the Hoffa’s can rant and rave about taking out the tea party, but to no avail. The tea party is the best stimulus this country has seen in recent times. The Unions have far out-lived their usefulness and good riddance!

Jim Lowery,


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