As Mr. Allen said, ‘The heart wants what the heart wants’

What happens when friends stop being friends? I’m sure you have experienced that one wonderful relationship that suddenly goes sour and your phone stops ringing. What’s funny about friends not being friends anymore is that, when you break up with a man you can rationalize it. A woman can find reasons why and make a checklist and then lick the wounds. But with friends? Well, that’s an entirely different hurt all together.
I recently had a dream where I was in church and there she was! The friend that left me, sitting with a new group of “moms’’ in the back pews. Wow, what a blow. Left for a church and fat moms in sweats. I guess sometimes life can split you with those you like the best. There can be no reason; there will be no warning and you will be left to figure out, “What happened? Was it me?” 
So, how does the heart recover when a friendship ends?
If love can be broken, if trust has been broken, is it possible for friends to find their way back to each other? My answer: “Yes.” If you love someone, and the friendship is worth fighting for, don’t give up. Tell your friend you love them and that you are sorry for whatever you might have done wrong. Take responsibility for your actions.
Woody Allen once said, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” The same applies for friends. We may never know why they mean so much to us. However, when that person you missed comes back, it feels like an unexpected gift.  The sun will come out and you will remember the good times. Remember, some friends are worth fighting for, as for that one sitting in the back pew? Well, I do believe that is an entirely different story for next time…
On Sept.2, Michael and Elaine Gallagher invited some close friends, family and colleagues to their End of the Summer Del Mar Race Track party. I must admit that was my first time back to the track in ages. Due to a busy schedule with my husband’s business re-opening this year after the Witch Creek Fires, my social scene has pretty much been looking at fruit, vegetables and more fruit. No complaints. But you can surmise by the last statement that I was an enthusiastic wife and friend thrilled to make it to Elaine and Michael’s wonderful party. I only managed to knock off a saucer or two on the coffee table in the fancy suite up on the fifth floor. (Yes, I did do that, and I was making a joke about it.) I am sharing this photo of just Elaine and I because it captures why ‘two blondes’ are better than one. Thanks Elaine and Michael for helping back out into the world again.
On Sept. 8, while the world was gearing up for the 10-year anniversary of Sept.11, Southern California experienced what the world would be like without electricity. If you were out in the madness and trying to get home that day, then you know it was actually very scary out there. People were stranded; no gas, no bankcards, no technology and those poor victims stuck in elevators downtown! After my almost two hour drive that normally takes only 25 minutes, I finally pulled up to Lemon Twist. Guess what I did? I started stocking up for the worst — a mother preparing for battle.
Well, I had glimmers of that 1983 movie called “The Day After.” This was a movie about what happens the next day after nuclear war hits. Very frightening. Luckily, San Diego returned to sanity. The next day I quickly ran out and bought am/fm radio headsets for all of my friends at The Dollar Tree. (The things we do when we are in survival mode.)
Later that day, Ranch resident Neysa Whiteman hosted the Scripps Charity Event “Wine, Women & Shoes” at her lovely estate in Rancho Santa Fe. I do believe there was quite a buzz on this party for a couple of weeks around town. I even received phone calls just making sure I would be there. Due to school starting that week and an insurmountable new line-up of homework, I couldn’t make it. However, here is a picture of Neysa Whiteman with a few of her guests from that day — lovely ladies out in style under the eucalyptus trees for charity. Thanks for sharing the photo with me.
On Sept. 9, I noticed these new beautiful cards on display down at Lemon Twist Fruit Stand. You may not know this, but I absolutely love art, painters and beautiful water color greeting cards! When my husband told me that the artist was Ranch Realtor, Laureen Weaver, I must admit I was very impressed and excited. Laureen failed to mention to me (being humble I am sure!) about her amazing gift and that she is an excellent artist. Painting is not easy, especially with watercolors. Her cards are of scenic views of Rancho Santa Fe and other picturesque paintings that make beautiful gifts for anyone.
Here is Laureen’s website: You can also find them at Lemon Twist, at 8175 Del Dios Highway. Another important note, Laureen is also a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild.
On Sept.15, parents were invited to Back To School Night at Roger Rowe. I managed to squeeze in my son’s sixth grade class just in time to hear all of the wonderful things they are learning about this year. The classrooms are just luxurious there. Wow, how impressive…and so are the teachers, the staff and the room aids that help out so much. Here is a gorgeous photo of Kerrie Lunsford, Allison Stratton and Sharon Krug, whom are all moms of sixth grade students.  Kerrie is just one of the many Room Moms that donates her time to make our children’s lives more organized and special at school. Thanks, Kerrie!


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