Another Snark Attack!

Once again Encinitas Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks has indulged his ego at the expense of others. This is not the first time nor, we think, will it be his last. Stocks has exhibited a pattern of misbehavior for some time. In fact, at a previous council meeting, it proved the second council meeting in a row during which he showed his disdain and lack of respect for others. At the last council meeting, he lashed out at a citizen who was expressing the dismay of some New Encinitas constituents at the kind of commercial development that is occurring and has occurred on and near El Camino Real. Not only did he malevolently attack her position, but he broke council rules to do so, since council members are not supposed to respond to citizens during the oral presentation portion of the council meeting.
At a recent council meeting, Stocks angrily attacked City staff. Instead of offering positive criticism of what he saw as flaws in the General Plan update process, he publicly disparaged the staff and, indirectly, the citizens who have spent time and effort attending the General Plan workshops and providing their input. Any valid points he may have had lost their impact with his snarky delivery. Fortunately, the Encinitas Little League’s All-Star Team, which had been in chambers earlier to receive a proclamation recognizing their significant achievements on the field and their stellar behavior off the field, was not there to see how the Deputy Mayor treats others.
If Deputy Mayor Stocks can’t control his own behavior (which, in his own words he called “my tantrum”) perhaps the Council should adopt an official “Code of Conduct,” as many other cities have. Although we have seen public servants at all levels of government exhibit unwise, discourteous and disrespectful behavior, we in Encinitas expect better from those we elect to represent us.

— C.J. Minster is an Encinitas resident.


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