Chargers urging fans to ‘Bolt Up’ this season

SAN DIEGO — The 2011-2012 Chargers football campaign is underway, much to the excitement of fans throughout San Diego. And the Chargers are asking fans to bring that excitement to a whole new level by “bolting up.”
The “Bolt Up” campaign is a way to get people energized and connect to the fans, said Bill Johnston, director of public relations.
“Our success comes so much from the fans, the energy that they bring to the stadium, the energy they bring everyday in terms of their support around the community. We are always trying to build that connection, build that line from the fans to the players, fans to the organization. We are calling upon them to join us in that effort this year to ‘Bolt Up;’ to get back into the season, get back to the playoffs and win a championship. Because we’ll need them if we’re going to make it all the way.”
Apart from showing up to the Chargers game, the “Bolt Up” campaign is getting involved in the social media scene, asking fans to create their own “Bolt Up” dance or write their own song and post it to
“We’re trying to win and that’s our number one goal…but the goal of the ‘Bolt Up’ campaign is to connect to the community and bring them along with us,” Johnston said. “Make sure they do realize that we need them to be a part of this. We need that energy. There’s such a thing as home field advantage – that comes from the fans in the stands, and it’s a real thing. That’s what we’re trying to maintain and grow; we need them for that home field advantage at all of our games, we’ve got a tough home schedule; we’ve got a tough road schedule.”
As for any rumors of the team bolting to Los Angeles, Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani asked fans to keep those rumors in perspective and to think back on past rumors.
“In 2002 the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) was proposing to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles — and the Chargers were rumored to be the number one choice for a team. In 2008 billionaire developer Ed Roski announced that he was ready to break ground on an NFL stadium in the City of Industry – and once again the Chargers were rumored to be the favored team.
“And now, in 2011, new rumors are coming out of downtown Los Angeles, about another AEG proposal. Through it all, the Chargers have continued to work to find a publicly acceptable solution here in San Diego, and so we hope all of our fans can keep the current situation in its proper perspective.
Single game season tickets are available to Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.
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