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Encinitas Hydroponics is a homegrown gardening center. While they may be the newest gardening retail store in town, owner Nic Cordato is certainly no newcomer to the area. In fact, Cordato is a Cardiff native whose parents own the pre-school Kids by the Sea.
Cordato, 25, got into the hydroponics and gardening business when he opened his first store a little more than a year ago on Coast Highway 101 in Oceanside.
Cordato and his knowledgeable staff cultivated such a dedicated following in Oceanside that they were able to open a second store in Encinitas.
The new store, at 463 Encinitas Blvd., offers the same competitive prices, friendly staff and product selection as the Oceanside location.
“Whether it’s answering questions, securing a hard to find product, or sharing our knowledge base with our customers, we want them to be taken care of and continue to use us as a resource for all their indoor gardening needs,” Cordato said.
Given Cordato’s success in the business of hydroponics, one might wonder what this popular trend in gardening is all about.
“With hydroponics, you can totally control the growing environment,” Cordato said. “Hydroponics allows you to control humidity, nutrients, and lighting, thus creating a perfect environment.”
The concept of a perfect environment couldn’t be a more accurate statement, as any hydroponics grower knows that this technique is much less challenging than outdoor growing.
For example, growing seasons can be become irrelevant. Lacking soil, hydroponics has no issues with soil-based diseases. You also have full control over the plant’s growing conditions, and hydroponics uses about one tenth of the water needed to grow the same amount of produce using traditional methods.
Hydroponics uses less fertilizer than used to grow equivalent amounts of traditionally grown produce. And generally speaking, there is more intensive production in a smaller space.
While Encinitas Hydroponics specializes in hydroponics, they also offer soil gardening products.
Cordato and his crew of gardening experts can help you get a jumpstart on your outdoor garden by starting indoors with the help of their propagation supplies, heat mats, and multiple lighting solutions.
“If it makes plants happy, we have it,” Cordato said. “We offer a complete line of quality, tested grow lights, hydroponic grow systems and supplies, organic nutrients, supplements to enhance your green thumb, soil and soil amendments, growing media, environmental controllers, pest control and deterrents, pumps, meters, timers — the list goes on!”
Encinitas Hydroponics also offers an extremely competitive pricing guarantee.
“We pride ourselves in being the absolute least expensive retail hydroponics store in Southern California,” Cordato said. “Bring any reasonable quote in and we’ll not only match it, but we’ll beat the quote substantially.”
Encinitas Hydroponics is confident they can help you achieve your gardening goals. A little knowledge goes a long way in gardening.
“Our experience stems from proven teachings, years of practice and the thorough approach of first-hand product usage and comparison,” Cordato said.
Stop by Encinitas Hydroponics Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They’ll set you up with everything you need to start growing your own delicious fruits and veggies.
Also, visit their websites at and to view their product offerings and learn a thing or two about hydroponics and gardening.


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