Groms hit the waves for annual contest

SOLANA BEACH — More than 50 local surfers, mostly 17 and younger, hit the beach at Fletcher Cove Aug. 27 for the fourth annual Grom-o-Rama surf contest, sponsored by the Solana Beach Lifeguard Association.
Boys faced off in three age divisions: 9 to 11, 12 to 13 and 14 to 17. Girls were divided into two categories: 9 to 13 and a women’s open for females 14 and older. Competitors had 15 minutes per heat to catch as many waves as possible.
Lt. Jason Shook, a Solana Beach lifeguard, provided wave-by-wave, and sometimes quirky, commentary throughout the morning. Shook also made the event educational with occasional local trivia questions.
Prizes were given out to anyone who could provide the first name of the man for whom Fletcher Cove is named (Ed), or explain why the beach is sometimes referred to as a pillbox (the area was once used as a military bunker, which is also known as a pillbox because the shape of the building is similar to the pillboxes medicine once came in), or give the year Solana Beach became a city (1986).
The event is a fundraiser for lifeguard programs and featured a raffle with a variety of prizes provided by sponsors.


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