Rally pushes for restoration of rent controls

OCEANSIDE — Dozens gathered outside of City Hall Aug. 17 to let City Council know they wanted rent decontrol to be repealed.
Among those gathered were members of Alliance of Citizens to Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods (ACTION), seniors and veterans.
“If 15,400 signatures against the vacancy decontrol ordinance doesn’t speak loudly enough to (Councilmen) Kern, Feller and Felien I don’t know what will,” said Dana Corso, president of ACTION. “Who are they listening to, the citizens of Oceanside or big money special interests from outside of the city? We’re hoping the city majority will repeal the decision.”
Corso said the end of rent control for mobile home park space rentals will eliminate an important source of affordable housing.
“It’s still a need for lots and lots of people,” Corso said. “Seniors, veterans need those options more so now than ever before.”
The final decision of the council was to put the item on the June 5 ballot at a cost of $93,000.
“Let voters decide, I think that is the wisest decision,” Councilman Jerry Kern said. “It’s the only small business we put price controls on. Owners think it’s unfair. I think it’s unfair.”


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