Who would you choose?

Recently, there was an opening on the city of Encinitas’ Environmental Commission. Here is a brief summary of the qualifications of three of the primary candidates, using actual quotes from their applications (published online). Take a look at their experience and the viewpoint/vision of each. Then, ask yourself: “Who would I choose to fill this position?”

Candidate A
“I have lived in Encinitas for many years.
“I have 10 years experience as a Planning Commissioner.”
“I am a good team member, cooperative and have strong leadership abilities.”
“I know the commission needs to work toward supporting the policies of the City Council.”
“It is important to protect & preserve our environment and I have experience & understanding in what are feasible actions that can be accomplished in a reasonable timeframe.

Candidate B
“The past twenty plus years of my professional life have been devoted to the environmental field working in collaboration with local governments, businesses, military, private sector companies, community and non-profit groups in the areas of solid waste and recycling, sustainability, environmental education and outreach.”
“I am currently a self employed environmental advisor. Major current projects include the creation of a Green Team Block Leader Program for 12 cities in San Mateo County, conceptual planning of exhibits and interactive learning activities for the Shoreway Environmental Education Center, San Carlos, CA and acting as the in-house recycling expert for a sustainable packaging company.”
“The Environmental Commission has already developed a sound vision that is consistent and compatible with the overall General Plan. What I’d like to accomplish, if appointed is to help broaden the visibility of the Commission’s hard work and promote, encourage and engage a higher level of community involvement. I can bring my marketing communications expertise to create/enhance social media, encourage local businesses and neighborhood groups to identify/act as ‘environmental ambassadors/champions’ and encourage more pro-active public education.”

Candidate C
“PhD in Public Policy: MBA with a specialty in sustainability”
“37 years of work experience spanning government, industry, and academia, including 17 years at NASA and NOAA working on environmental programs and 13 years at UCSD including serving as Assistant Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Executive Director of the USCD Environment and Sustainability Initiative and the Sustainability Solutions Institute; and teaching graduate classes on corporate environmental strategy.”
“I want to support efforts to create and protect a healthy economy that respects and helps sustain a healthy environment without which we cannot prosper. I want to be part of a constructive Environmental Commission that listens to the citizens, elected officials, staff, and the business community and offers realistic and effective strategies to achieve the triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity.”

Now that you have read the qualifications of the candidates above, who do you think should fill the position? Why? Who do you think the majority on our city council actually chose?
ANSWER: The majority of three on our city council — Jim Bond, Jerome Stocks, and Kristin Gaspar — chose Candidate A, without any explanation as to why. Note: Candidate A’s application statements are reported in full.


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