Kids’ summer soccer camp winds down

RANCHO SANTA FE — The little ones were literally getting a kick at being outside chasing down soccer balls and scoring goals during the final day of their summer soccer recreation camp with Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer.
The camps, which are offered twice every summer, revolve around activity, purpose and enjoyment, said Malcolm Tovey, director of coaching.
“We are very skill-based, but we do it in a fun, positive, game-type environment,” he said. “We really emphasize the fun because the most important thing for us really is that the kids have a great time, they learn skills and they want to come back and play more soccer.”
With soccer being such a large part of the Rancho Santa Fe culture, starting the kids on the game early on helps make the game become second nature to them, Tovey added.
“We’ve got an outstanding coaching staff,” Tovey said. “Really, the things we stress are, number one, the coaches are good people, they’re good teachers and then they’re good coaches.”
Jase Scarvaci was a former member of the Rancho Santa Fe Soccer Club before going on to play soccer at Sonoma State University. He’s now back and coaching in the Camp and Recreation Programs.
What sets this camp apart from others, Tovey explained, comes from the philosophy of developing the players – the skills and the techniques – and the winning will take care of itself.
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