We are truly blessed to be living in America

While many in Rancho Santa Fe celebrated the parade on July 4, I was out of town for the first time in years during this particular weekend. I spent my holiday back in Spirit Lake, Iowa with my family. I know what you are thinking — rows of corn, flat fields and a fly over state. However, this local town in northern Iowa is a wonderful resort area that is as picturesque as a Norman Rockwell painting. Watching the fireworks from my parents’ boat at night on Lake Okoboji rates up there as one of the best patriotic exhibits I have ever witnessed. The evening felt magical.
On a side note, have you noticed the July 4 weekend is one of the happiest holidays during the year? As I was traveling back to the Midwest, travelers seemed more relaxed and less frazzled than other holidays. Maybe it’s the long weekend, or the fact most employees enjoy a paid vacation. Or could it be that most Americans truly are patriotic and care about this country? I think so. Anyway, I hope you had an excellent weekend, too. I hope your heart was filled with inspiration and pride for living in the best country in the world. We are all so very blessed.
Out of Town
On July 1, I ventured to downtown Spirit Lake with my sister and mom to this wonderful place called The Market. If you are looking for a health food store like a Jimbos in a small town, you will probably be out of luck. Not so for the residents in this small town. This quaint restaurant, attached to the mini-market of the health food store, is painted in bright yellow with the most gorgeous tiled floor. You can enjoy organic dishes; order sparkling Perrier and other healthy drinks, while relaxing at your table. This outing happened to be my favorite moment of each day. Featured here, is my sister Tracy with our mother, Micky Kay Penn. I have also included one photo of Hill Street where The Market is located.
On July 4, my sister and I headed to the YMCA for our daily workout. Right beside the gym was the cutest teenage girl selling corn under an umbrella. Yes, I confess, there is corn in Iowa. And guess what? It’s known as “Candy Corn,” instead of sweet corn, which I found interesting. My sister kept saying, “Let’s buy some candy corn,” and I kept looking for the kettle corn booth like you see at the fair (silly me). Here is a fun shot of Tracy standing with a local resident that day. Yes, there are pretty girls in Iowa.
Later that night we watched the fireworks on the lake with hundreds of other residents and boaters scattered in the darkness. This evening almost felt magical to me. My son ran back to me at the end of the boat and said, “See, mom, told you it was way better than you thought.” He also let me know that he would be moving to Spirit Lake when he was an adult, which I found rather sweet. Of course, I am hoping this inclination fades and he stays in California! I would share a photo, but I’m not sure it will really turn out well in print in the newspaper.
On July 5, I left Spirit Lake and descended at LAX Airport. What’s wonderful about getting away on a vacation is that it truly makes you appreciate your own life and schedule. That old adage, “You can never go home, again,” is absolutely true. Though we may miss our childhood and our immediate family, age and time will manage to prevent you from truly returning. And, I must add, for the first time in my life I understand that saying. Let’s just say, driving back to San Diego, while the ocean glimmered to the west of the freeway, I was one enthusiastic girl to return home to California.
Around Town
On July 2, Rancho Santa Fe’s piano man Randy Beecher celebrated his birthday at Mille Fleurs with fans and local residents. Hope it was a wonderful day, Randy! Thanks for adding so many wonderful memories to my life as well. Also, just in case you haven’t heard, Mille Fleurs is launching a “Singles Night” on the first Thursday of each month.
So if you are single and you are looking to mingle, this is the place to be in Rancho Santa Fe on the first Thursday of each month. If you would like more information on this, you can e-mail Randy at Beecher1@cox.net.
In town July 3, The Pan American Cup Finals were held at the San Diego Polo field. The weekend event included a featured band, the “classic divot stomp” like in the movie, “Pretty Woman,” and prizes for guests. Featured here in the winner photo are Krista Bonaguidi, Chris Collins, Mariano Fassetta, and Alvaro Tadeo (holding his daughter, Valentina).
Also featured from that day are the publishers of FINE Magazine, Heather and John Winfield.
It looks like that was an amazing event for the locals here in San Diego. For more information on that particular event, here is the link: sandiegopolo.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/pan-american-cup-finals-4th-of-july-celebration/.
On July 6, I received some wonderful news from my favorite bed and breakfast in the San Diego area, Jamul Haven. If you are looking for a “Stay-cation,” this is a five-star International B&B you must check out.
The owners, William Roetzheimand Marianne are wonderful, inviting and really take amazing care of their guests. Right now they are offering a promotion: buy two-week nights and receive one free until the end of the year. Here is their web site jamulhaven.com I stayed with them for my 39th birthday last year and since then I receive their monthly newsletters, which I just love reading.
Also, on Aug. 6, Jamul Haven B&B will be hosting a reading by James Reynolds, “The Shakespeare You Never Knew,” a parody. I have featured innkeeper Marianne Roetzheim with assistant innkeeper, Rosalba in this lovely photo.


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