Landscape crew applauded for their work

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Landscape Crew was recognized for its hard work all year long at the July 7 meeting of the Association.
They were introduced individually and earned a round of applause for their fine job in keeping Association grounds gorgeous.
“It’s always an honor to work with this group. They give 110 percent every day,” said Dick Brockett, who is director of field operations and their boss.
The majority of the men are longtime employees with several having put in 20 and 30 years at their job.
“I think we have the experience we need,” joked Jack Queen, Association president.
Queen said he too is amazed at this fantastic crew whose handiwork can be seen throughout the Covenant.
He said although the Association has been working on finishing up the parks in the village for about six years, when the final touches were put on the plans, it was only a matter of a few weeks until the landscape crew finished the projects.
“They never cease to amaze me,” Brockett said. “I think we can’t do something and they assure me we certainly can.”
The group has won two national awards, Brockett said.
The members of the landscape crew are Vicente Alvarado; Arturo Calderon; Gustavo Cuevas; Salvador Diaz; Jose Javier Garcia; Apolonio Gonzales; Abel Mendez; Jose Saul Prada; Manuel-Martinez Ponce; Antonio Rios Reyes; Marcos Rios; Olimpio Rodriquez; and Reynaldo Lopez.
The crew can be seen just about anywhere in their orange shirts around the Covenant, clipping hedges, coaxing blooms from flowers, mowing lawns, grooming the grounds of the Osuna Ranch, and providing the manpower for special projects like the recent completion of the parks in the village. They also have a hand in setting up and taking down for special events like the recent July 4 parade and picnic.
“My congratulations on the job you do every day,” Queen said.
In other Association news, Ivan Holler, district administrator, said the changes in the remapping of state assembly and senate districts will not be changed, despite the request of the Association. They had objected to being thrown in with highly populated cities in the north and south that have little in common with Rancho Santa Fe.
“I’m not sure we will see the changes we had hoped for,” Holler said.
The remapping of political boundaries is by law every 10 years and is based on the U.S. Census. It is driven by population numbers, demographics and ethnic group so that they can be better represented.


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