Remembering Will Norton and finding joy in the Ranch

June gloom seems to be lifting and there have been sunny skies here in Rancho Santa Fe, which has me pondering a story I can’t seem to forget. Do you remember the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., at the end of May?
If you do, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Will Norton. He was the 18-year-old high school student that had just graduated less than an hour before his life was tragically cut short on his way home after the ceremony. While the rest of us here and in the other parts of the country may complain about the imperfect skies, the residents in Joplin are trying to rebuild their lives. We’re talking about grieving over loved ones, while losing your home, your car and your place of work. Can you imagine? If you have a moment, I encourage you to check out Will’s facebook page at
Will Norton looked like one of the happiest, enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever seen photographed. The one thing is for sure, while he was alive, he was smiling from his soul. Let’s hope we can try and take advantage of each day we are given, and count our many blessings. Let us remember that smile on Will Norton’s face, and let it help to remind us to find the joy in our own lives — just like the joy found in many of the photographs posted on his memorial page. My prayers are with the Joplin residents, and Will Norton’s family.
Around town
On June 11, The Rancho Santa Fe Majors Yankees team played in the Coast Cities Tournament against the Encinitas Padres. You wouldn’t know it from the smile on these Yankee players — Patrick, Matthew, and Raul, Jackson — that they had just lost the game 6-7 — as evidenced by this photograph taken after the game.
Why the smiles? After playing an average season, this team recovered and played competitively in the tournament, making it three games before losing that day. Congrats to these boys for coming back, finding spirit and trying their best in the CCT. The Yankees didn’t win that day, but they definitely finished well!
On June 12, The San Diego Polo Club held their opening day bash. One of my favorite residents in the Ranch, Elaine Gallagher, celebrated in style with family and friends. She was kind enough to share this gorgeous photo of her with Kathy Herington, standing in front of just one of the many Ferraris on display.
Polo ponies and red Ferraris — that sounds like a scene right out of “Pretty Woman,” but happening right here in our own neighborhood! If you want to share in the glamour and enjoy polo events, check out for this year’s schedule. Thanks Elaine for keeping me in the social loop.
On June 13, The AAA Del Mar Scrappers made it to the final four in the Coast Cities Tournament! Featured here are two of the Scrappers players, Holden MacDonald, and Grayson Le Rose. These boys had an amazing season and are definitely champions for doing so well in the tournament and for having an excellent season. Thank you Meredith for sharing this photo in this issue! Congrats on a wonderful year in baseball. For inquiring minds that may want to know, Holden is the grandson of Ranch resident Violet MacDonald.
On June 15, The Rancho Santa Fe White Sox Majors team won the Coast Cities Tournament against the Encinitas LL Reds team. Featured here is a photo of the White Sox. Thank you, to Jason Barry for allowing me to share this wonderful photo in the paper for all of the residents to see. How exciting that the Rancho Santa Fe Majors won the Coast Cities Tournament. To see more of these photos and find out which players made the All Star Team, check out the link.
The next day, more exciting news happened in baseball. The Rancho Penasquitos Pony league Marlins team won their championship game. Ranch resident Matthew Sorge actually competed in two leagues this year, while having two games a day! Wow, now that’s what I call All-Star Commitment. Congrats to all of the Marlins for winning their championship game. As a little league mom, I had to share these victories and updates for all of the residents and families to see. A big thanks to all of the coaches in these leagues for taking time out of your schedule to help make this season a memorable one for all of the players.
On June 17, Cheryl Wilcox, R. Roger Rowe’s head secretary, worked her last day of school in the Rancho Santa Fe School District. After 18 years, Cheryl is retiring. I will be sad to see her go. Cheryl has always been a tremendous help to me if I ever needed any information, or needed help with something. Thank you Cheryl for being so wonderful always, and I hope you enjoy your retirement. I am sure many will miss you. On June 20, The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary inducted Bill Chenoweth as a new member of the organization. He is featured here in the column with Katie Hawkes and Patrick Galvin. Thank you, for sharing the photo. I’m sure you know that the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary is an amazing organization that helps out many, many different charities through their tireless efforts.
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