Marines raid training town

CAMP PENDLETON — Marines and sailors conducted a night raid on an urban training town June 19 during the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s first full-scale exercise since becoming a complete Marine air-ground task force in May.
Company L, supported by their mechanized platoon, rehearsed throughout the day for the culminating night mission.
Platoon commander 2nd Lt. John P. Krudy called out scenarios to which the Marines responded by taking cover from incoming fire or treating simulated casualties. With each iteration came new assault plans.
“We rehearse these things before we get out there to remove the friction of darkness and enemies,” said Krudy, a 24-year-old Vienna, Mich., native. “That way I can have my guys practicing some of these uncertain situations before it gets harder.”
The raid force travelled in amphibious assault vehicles and secured the town building by building while engaging enemy role-players.
Company L is one of three rifle companies in Battalion Landing Team 3/1, the 11th MEU’s ground-combat element.


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