Letters: June 24, 2011

Revitalize what!?
There is more and more written about “revitalization” (re-development).  Last week the Del Mar mayor and another Del Mar resident wrote their preferences for achieving the subject — eliminate the cars, make wider sidewalks and build apartments above small shops selling to the local residents.  Will that work?
History shows us that there was first a road between Los Angeles and San Diego.  Then some private citizens with money thought it would profitable to build a village on that road, and called it Del Mar.  So, we can’t “take back our street.”
 Every vehicle imaginable has used that road between Los Angeles and San Diego, including huge Marine Motorized Landing Craft!  So how are we really going to eliminate the cars?
 We used to have wide sidewalks in the center of town, but the city allowed them to be restricted with benches, trees and sidewalk cafes.  So, how do we make them larger for all the pedestrians that don’t really walk?
 Why do we need apartments to intrude on the already skimpy commercial area?  Residents are already living over the back fence of the entire commercial area!  Offices are better providers of customers for local businesses than apartment dwellers, it is said.
 And small shops selling to residents?  We have already had hardware stores, drug stores, grocery stores, etc. that residents say they want — but they just don’t work here!
 Personally, it has to be said again, the city will have to do something to facilitate more convenient parking for the downtown, as other cities have done, i.e. an automated underground parking structure at the corner of 13th & CDM, and increase the F.A.R. to 100 percent if they really want increased tax revenues for the city — the only real reason behind “revitalization!”

Ralph Peck
Del Mar

Keep on dancin’
I watch many dance programs on television and the best one is “Dancing with the Stars.” What I’ve noticed, some of them show very intricate dances.
Much of what you see is done for entertainment and you will rarely see it at dance halls, especially senior centers.
I continue to dance the two-step most of the time. I have learned the Waltz and Rumba (through dance class). The majority of women enjoy dancing the two-step. So don’t let it throw you when you see the fancy dances on television. 

William Hart

Versions of the ‘truth’
I take umbrage with Garth Murphy’s article (“Our Lady of Encinitas is an important icon,” June 17, 2011) on “Our Lady of Encinitas.”  Garth Murphy has, like so many who are prejudice against the Catholic Church, and Christianity in general, distorted the historical truth.  It appears that Garth Murphy has written his own version of Christian Catholic Church history.  Garth’s article is typical of today’s secular, liberalism, and anti-Catholic Christian faith history.  Please print the truth!  Thank you.



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