Encinitas author earns awards, honors

ENCINITAS — The San Diego Book and Writing Association presented Encinitas author John O’Melvey Woods with two awards June 11.
Woods was honored for his book with co-author Ron Pastore called “Jesse James’ Secret” and his solo work, “Return to Treasure Island,” which tied for best Young Adult book with Laura McNeal’s, “Dark Water.”
Woods’ 2009 “Return to Treasure Island” is a sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s original “Treasure Island.”
“I am extremely honored to have the chance to compete with so many other exciting authors whose work I greatly admire,” Woods said. “To have my book ‘Return to Treasure Island’ recognized by the legendary San Diego writers community, and to be recognized by readers in this way is truly gratifying.”
Woods has been writing screenplays and television shows since attending USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in the early 1990s. He founded indieTV and partnered with Microsoft Corporation to create and produce the first fully interactive television show called “555 Expose.” He is finishing the first of a new series of action adventure books called “The Seekers.”


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