Charity League ends its year

COAST CITIES — The National Charity League Inc., Surf Cities chapter year wound down with a Mother-Daughter Tea and Awards Ceremony. This occasion celebrates the accomplishments of the outgoing president and her board and welcomes in the new president and board members.
Anne Daigle passed the gavel of leadership to Sue Foote who will serve as president for the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year.
The event included a reflection of the past year’s activities, recognition of all the members for their tremendous contributions, appreciation for the outgoing and incoming board members, and a welcoming of new members as they begin the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The new board members are President Sue Foote President-Elect Carrie Brown, Vice President Ticktockers Stephanie Carnow, VP Membership Lori Utsler, VP Patroness Activities Samantha Klein, VP Philanthropy Risa Lauth, Vice President Ways and Means Sara Cowles, Vice President Communications Liz Finden, Secretary Catherine McCarthy, Treasurer Cynthia Johnson, Parliamentarian Kay Anderson.
One of 160 chapters across the nation the Surf Cities chapter performed over 8,900 hours of community service in the past year. The main emphasis of the National Charity League is to foster a life-long passion for philanthropy and to strengthen the mother-daughter bond.
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