Local nursing home collects money for Japan

ENCINITAS — Sunland Home Foundation, a nonprofit nursing facility is “enlarging its tent” to lend a hand to Japan and those individuals devastated by the March 13 earthquake. In less than seven days, Sunland established its own Japanese relief fund, mailed an appeal letter to its 3,000-person mailing list and has since gathered donations totaling more than $130,000. Contributors from as far as Canada, Australia, Germany and Hong Kong have sent their heartfelt gift of charity.
Sunland is sending 100 percent of these funds to the Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR JAPAN), a non-governmental organization which provides emergency assistance, aid to people with disabilities from land mine action, among other operations. Originally established for Indochinese refugees 30 years ago, AAR Japan now has offices in eight countries, and gives assistance purely on humanitarian grounds with no political, ideological, or religious affiliation.
AAR JAPAN has distributed supplies to 45,000 people in 330 locations of Japan since the earthquake, and is now preparing soup kitchens, providing medical support, operating regular bus service, and assisting in institutional recovery. Some of the various distributed supplies include: diesel oil (13,600 units); kerosene (4,400 liters); sweet-bean cakes (25,000 units); underwear, scarves and clothes (25,000 units); towels and hand cloths (50,000 units); face masks (60,000 units); sleeping bags (3,400 units); toothbrushes (10,000 units); paper diapers (60,000 units); cell phone chargers (120 units). Currently, hired trucks are commuting between Tokyo and the afflicted areas almost every day with relief items. Redistribution in smaller lots is reaching the elderly and people with disabilities.
Donations can be sent to Cherry Blossom Fund, Sunland Home Foundation, 691 Sparta Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. Any contribution is tax deductible. To learn more about the Cherry Blossom Fund and Sunland Home Foundation, log onto sunland.org.


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