New red shoes reason for happy dance

Watching “Sex in the City” reruns will be a lot more fun now. I almost understand why some women will spend hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes. I was reminded this week as my new pair arrived in the mail.
Never mind that I will never be a Rodeo Drive shoe shopper. I am a sucker for red shoes. It appears even an inexpensive pair can move me, if they turn out to be exactly what I want. My new red tennies are just that. Wearing them makes me feel brilliant.
I don’t know why I’m surprised. My first memory of a favorite outfit was as I walked to school in the fifth-grade. My mom had sewn me a fabulous, black-and-white full skirt under which I wore multiple, fluffy petticoats. I wore that skirt paired with a crisp, white blouse and red sweater and what may have been my first pair of red tennis shoes. I felt like a million bucks.
My memory hops to college when I had a glorious pair of red patent leather high-heeled sandals that made me very popular in the sorority house. The motto back then was, “The first one up is the best one dressed.”
These days I love my red shoes even more if they are comfortable and I have bought them for a great price. There are few delights equal to browsing the discount-store shoe shelves and coming up on a perfect pair.
I was especially fond of some adorable clog-style red tennis shoes I stumbled over. They were not only supremely comfortable, but they drew compliments every time I wore them. I hated it when they finally wore out. I felt the same about a wonderful pair of red moccasins I came upon for a pittance. But then my luck dried up.
I have been scouring every store I come near, keeping an eye out for the right pair of new red shoes. I had found nothing that combined the right fit, the right color and the right price. After all, there is red and then there is rose, persimmon, cardinal, cherry, claret, crimson, maroon, ruby, russet, scarlet, vermilion, wine and brick.
In desperation, I turned to the Internet. I have oddly shaped, duck feet, so shopping for shoes without trying them on is extremely risky. I finally found a pair that didn’t really look like quite the right shade, but promised to be bright red. I crossed my fingers and took a chance. When I opened the box, the color was perfect – and they fit. Every woman knows the happy dance I did right then and there.
Change-your-mood shoes don’t have to be red, but they often are. When you put on those special kicks, it just makes your day. You feel better, even prettier, pulled together, stylish and smart. Once you get that first compliment, the deal is sealed. You can’t wipe the grin off your face for hours.
For some, it takes $400 to accomplish that. In my world, it can be done with $25 and the perfect hue of red canvas. As my dad used to say, “With these shoes I can run faster, stop on a dime and give you nine cents change.” Oh yeah.


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