Students recognized for perfect attendance

RANCHO SANTA FE — Students who had perfect attendance for the 2010-2011 school year at R. Roger Rowe School stepped up for recognition at the June 2 board meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe School District.
The students are Maya Kenyon, kindergarten; Aria Mojaver, third-grade; Brenda Bazaldua, fourth-grade; Jasmine Jaffe, fifth-grade; Mika Brown, sixth-grade; Gregory Fernandez; sixth-grade; Emmy Cross, Omar Garcia, Nicole Serratos and Keith Wong, all seventh-graders; and Jonathan Luck, eighth-grade.
Seven of the 11 students came to the meeting and were congratulated by the board and given certificates.
“I know there were days when you didn’t feel like coming and felt like taking a break, but you didn’t,” said Lindy Delaney, district superintendent.
She singled out Jasmine Jaffe, a fifth-grader who has had perfect attendance since kindergarten.
“We might have to have a special award at graduation,” Delaney said.
She also thanked the parents for their part in getting their student to school every day.
In other school board news, Debra Vaughn Cleff, of Webb Cleff Architecture and
Engineering Inc., told the board that the bids for the new soccer field came in and that they were all well over budget from original estimates.
“We were as shocked as you were,” said Vaughn Cleff. “The design team went back and put our heads together and came up with three options.”
Option one was to redesign and raise the field. Option two was to keep the design and change to natural turf; and option three was to keep the field the size it is now and add synthetic turf and the rubberized track, she said.
“I know the board has made their decisions about (synthetic turf), but we felt it was important to put everything on the table,” she said.
By doing some minor redesign and reducing some of the soft costs of the field, the firm was able to chisel the cost down to a manageable $2,647,295 total for the project.
“We are still providing a great facility,” said Tim Ireland, project manager.
“Thank you for sharpening your pencils and figuring this out for us,” said Richard Burdge, board president.
The field will be paid for with funds recently received from the state that can only be used for capital improvements.
Construction should begin when school ends the middle of this month and race for completion by the time school begins on Aug. 29.
“I’m not going to kid you. It’s a tight schedule,“ Ireland said.
Also approved by the board were Smart Boards for classrooms, not to exceed $353,619.08 and upgraded lighting, sound and video features for the performing arts center not to exceed $103,417.17.


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