She’s here! She’s here!

This past week happily held one of my favorite miracles. My lovely friend and The Coast New Group’s former editor, Laurie Sutton, had her baby girl May 16 — Joey Raye, 7 pounds, 5 ounces. She is gorgeous, fuzzy, pink and perfect, and I can exhale again.
I’ve been cheering for her the entire way. Finally, choosing zazz over diva drama, she decided to make her entrance fashionably early. I offer sincere apologies to her mom who had rather hoped for some time to finish up errands and put her feet up after leaving work just the Friday before. Clearly already a woman who knows what she wants, Joey had other plans.
The spooky thing was I absolutely knew the night before that it was going to happen. I was working on my computer when the fully formed thought entered my head. “I think Laurie’s going to have her baby tonight.” I sent her a message on Facebook telling her of my premonition. At 2:50 a.m., she went into labor and delivered that next evening. I really didn’t mean to start anything. Pity I can’t do as well with my lottery tickets or racetrack bets.
It would seem that Joey Raye and I share a special channel on life’s airwaves. Now that I think about it, she used to do barrel rolls shortly after her mom arrived at the office in the morning. I’m thinking now this kid knew exactly who her BFFs (formerly known as Fairy Godmothers) are.
I even won the office baby pool. I swear on my mother’s needlepoint, I did not slip Pitocin into Laurie’s going-away-party punch. Joey Raye had been such a tap-dancing octopus in utero, it seemed very possible that she was determined to get out where she could stretch her legs at the earliest possible moment.
Once I knew Laurie was at the hospital, the day got rather long. By dint of age and time, I know too much. I was in blissful denial while pregnant with my own, but I know now that the birth of a perfect, healthy baby is the luckiest, most amazing gift life can bestow, I also know the entirely-too-long list of things that can go heartbreakingly awry.
Being a woman of the new century, Mom Laurie graciously texted me her initial progress and I mentally paced the floor all day. To my delight, the whole delivery went by the book, from her wake-up call to being handed that precious bundle 27 hours later. I then joined Laurie in a shout-out to medical science’s greatest achievement — the epidural. Joey’s safe arrival was topped only by watching her parents fall completely in love with her. There is no other feeling on earth like it. Any time and every time I witness it, it just knocks me to my knees.
Extra thanks, too, for an excuse to wander the aisles of the baby section to my heart’s content. I adore buying little clothes and great goofy toys and the baby showers. That’s good fun.
I am so looking forward to meeting Miss Joey in person, but that will have to wait until her antibodies kick in. Meanwhile, Facebook rocks.


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