Del Mar boasts new Web page

DEL MAR — The new “Sustainable Del Mar” web page is now live on the Del Mar city website.
Residents can find the link on the home page as a main heading underneath “Construction Updates” in the right column. The new site gives the reader information on sustainability issues such as the just released “City of Del Mar 2005 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory.”
The new page provides links to sustainability information such as “Reduce Your Carbon Footprint,” relevant articles of interest, including a “Sustainability Checklist,” and information on the Sustainability Advisory Board with a list of accomplishments from 2006 to present.
The Sustainability Advisory Board welcomes community involvement in providing information and insight for Del Mar residents regarding sustainable issues that affect everyone. Send comments and questions to the Sustainability Advisory Board at Also, if you have a favorite “sustainable” link or an article you would like added, forward the information to the Sustainability Advisory Board for review.


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