Time to apply for ArtSplash grants

CARLSBAD — ArtSplash, a community celebration for arts education on Sept. 24—25, invites North County schools and teachers to apply for grants to fund arts and music programs taking place in school year 2011-2012. The application deadline is Aug. 1. Recipients will be notified by Sept. 1. Grant guidelines and applications are at carlsbadartsplash.org/grant.htm.
“Our grants are modest, typically in the $700 range,” said ArtSplash Chairperson Joni Miringoff. “They are often accompanied by matching funds from the recipient organizations. I am always amazed and delighted by the imaginative and enriching projects accomplished by teachers with a modicum of money and a wealth of creativity.”
ArtSplash organizers hope to provide a total of $5,000 in grants this year. During 2010-2011, grants totaling $2,450 supported diverse arts and music programs at five North County schools, including one at San Marcos Middle School and four at Carlsbad Unified School District sites. Among these, Buena Vista Elementary used a grant to establish a chorus for 30 students in third through fifth grades.
Poinsettia Elementary created a school-wide mosaic project under Visual Arts teacher Tara Clark in which each of the school’s 23 kindergarten through fifth-grade classes designed and crafted a unique tiled back-splash for their classroom sink. The mosaic will be submitted to the 2011 San Diego County Fair’s “Creative Youth” competition. “This project, made possible thanks to ArtSplash’s generosity, is intended to raise awareness of the arts, make art accessible to all students, beautify the school and give students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning environment,” Clark said.
For more information about “ArtSplash 2011 … Rock Around the Beach,” visit CarlsbadArtSplash.org.


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