SFC seniors put class lessons into action

SOLANA BEACH — The 87 seniors at Santa Fe Christian spent their last week of high school putting their classroom lessons into action during senior business week, a broad-based curriculum exercise that doubles as the economics final.
Groups must partner with local vendors, create business and marketing plans, conduct presentations, advertise and sell their products before school and during breaks and lunch for a week.
Sales for the outdoor event got off to a slow start because of rain and wind, but all the teams expected to recoup their start-up costs and begin seeing a profit by the end of day three.
Money raised is used to offset costs for retreats, the senior trip and grad night expenses and to purchase the senior class gift to the school.
This year students chose to purchase a scrolling marquis for announcements in the upper school quad and a memorial for William Wardrip that will be placed on the 32-yard line of the football field.
They are also contributing 10 percent to the William Wardrip Foundation, which provides scholarships for future Santa Fe Christian students.
William, who would have graduated this spring, was killed in an October 2009 car accident. He was a member of the SFC football team and wore jersey No. 32.
The six students running Cafe Ambrosia said they chose the name because it means food of the gods. Patrick Hawkey, Johnny Martin, Devin Dotson, Jules Cappellazo, Kelsey Salyer and Nick Kharrazian said their business was the only one offering homemade goods.
“It was the only practical way to keep the price down,” said Johnny, whose group was selling a $7 meal deal that included a panini sandwich, chips, a drink, a homemade cookie and a pickle wedge.
Highway 32 was the only booth selling something other than food. Emmy Butts, Courtney Collins, Kyle Doan, Jeff Mallon, Ryan Moore and Carly Stein were selling T-shirts, socks and bracelets with a modified logo from the William Wardrip Foundation.
While all the students were having fun, the guys at Buckaroo BBQ seemed to be having the best time. Nathan “The Ultameat” Menard, Brent “The Meatman” Timm, Kyle “Baby Hands” Jensen and Eric Trexel were selling the $5 Mega-Man Combo that included a barbecue sandwich, chips and a drink.
“It’s not just a sandwich,” they said in harmony. “It’s a manwhich.”
They came up with the idea by putting their “meat mindset” together.
“We put our muscle and our biceps together and it seemed the only plausible thing to sell was meat,” they said. “And we’re easily having the most fun.”
Students sold everything from crepes to quivers, and one group experimented with out-of-the-box marketing. Cafe Chic(k) sold chicken sandwiches from the conservative Chick-fil-A with a techno spin. But in the end, the most popular item was pizza.
Selling the traditional teenage favorite, Slice of Heaven made a $2,100 profit. As the winning team, Barret Floyd, Jake Mckinney, Brittney Bushor, Bradley Searle, Cal Roberts and Austin Pavin received extra credit.
Collectively, the class of 2011 raised a little more than $16,400.


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