Women take plunge to fight malaria

OCEANSIDE — More than a dozen moms and daughters dressed in their finest took a plunge in the 63 degree ocean to raise awareness and funds to fight malaria on May 8.
The Mother’s Day Fancy Dress Swim is one of numerous worldwide efforts to support the goal of One.org to combat extreme illnesses. The collective effort is the World Swim Against Malaria.
The San Diego chapter of One.org is the only group that takes a plunge on Mother’s Day.
“Women think of Mother’s Day as a day to spoil themselves but once they do it, it’s ton of fun,” Marlaine Cover, coordinator for One San Diego, said. “It feels better then doing something for yourself.”
Each $5 donated by participants and supporters buys one bed net that protects a family from mosquitoes.
“One hundred percent of funds purchase insecticide treated bed nets that protect a child while he sleeps,” Cover said. “The critical thing is knowing the problem. Seven jumbo jets of children (about 2,500) die each day. People are not aware how huge the problem is and how easy it is to prevent.”


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