Absolute optimist creates T-shirts

CARLSBAD — The Easter Bunny delivered the official Trademark Notice approval to Carlsbad High School sophomore Alexandria Miller.
The day after her 14th birthday, Miller had submitted her “I Love Life” trademark application and she received her official Trademark Notice just before Easter, also getting help from the Small Business Development Center in Oceanside. Miller began her business by handing out T-shirts to friends and it spread from there. Her friends wanted T-shirts, teachers even wanted her T-shirts.
Her mother suggested she give one to a cancer patient to give him hope. In addition, her mom was out driving one day, and another cancer survivor commented on her “I Love Life” sticker.
She especially loves it when she sees someone she doesn’t even know wearing her “I Love Life” message. I Love Life has a Facebook page and a website at ilovelife.biz that shows the simple white T-shirts with her line drawings. Miller believes the concept is what the world needs now.
“If you love life like we do, express it,” she said. “As a child I always drew, and on every drawing I would put three words: I love life. I look at the world in a different way than most people do. When I look around I see beautiful nature and smell the clear air and I just appreciate this lifetime so much. If you feel the same, show off your pride and buy a shirt.”


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