Oceanside elementary school extends hand to Japan

OCEANSIDE — The devastating news of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan impacted many students and staff at Nichols Elementary in Oceanside.
There was a schoolwide desire to lend a helping hand to those affected by the dual disaster. Fifth-grade teacher Maria Hutchinson and her class decided to become ambassadors to individual classrooms on campus. Her students wrote a newsletter asking classmates and the community to donate any spare change and made posters, as well as collection envelopes for their designated classrooms.
For six days, the ambassadors collected and counted money donated by students, staff and community. When the students started this community service project, their goal was to raise $1,000. To their delight, the daily collections were beyond what was anticipated and a total of $2,000 was collected.
The American Red Cross joined the morning schoolwide assembly April 1, accepting the $2,000 donation.
Character Education is integrated throughout the K-5 curriculum at Nichols. There is an ongoing focus on the six pillars of character within the school year. For the past month, students have been learning and integrating the character trait of caring. Teachers and staff were pleased the students put this trait to work by working together and caring for those in need in Japan.


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