Letters: April 29, 2011

Article does shelter animals justice
Congratulations on a well-written and informative article in the April 22 edition of The Coast News, “Neglected and abused animals need our help to overcome their long plight.” The writer Sydney LeBlanc (with help from Jim Silveira, president and CEO of our excellent and innovative local shelter Rancho Coastal Humane Society) covered many important points regarding the truth about abandoned and abused animals.
This subject has been covered over and over but all too often with few facts, a couple heartwarming stories and little helpful information. In a relatively short space, LeBlanc dispelled many of the myths about the inferior “quality” of shelter animals, the supposed inability of the abused or abandoned animals to bond with new people and become welcome additions to families, and the bad rap pit bulls get. These and other similar myths keep people away from animal shelters and lead them to make poor decisions such as buying an animal from a pet store or even a swap meet. The writer even included relevant tips for newly adopted animals.
Until people make conscientious, committed decisions before adding a dog, cat, rabbit or other animal to the family, our shelters will be continue to be filled with animals whose only fault was to be become inconvenient. Articles like this help to give those deserving animals a second chance at the happy, secure lives they deserve.

Diane Calkins


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