Grandma’s applesauce launched in the Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — The village of Rancho Santa Fe is known for many things. Now add to that Momo’s Applesauce.
The sauce an all-natural, kosher, organic recipe with a blend of apples, sugars, spices and a heaping spoonful of love from the grandchildren of Delores “Momo” Wise. Momo’s Applesauce has been put into production and will be on store shelves in the coming weeks.
Momo’s Applesauce has been dished up and devoured in the Wise family since 1947 when Momo made her historic first batch. Since then, Momo’s dearest friends and family have pined over and negotiated their way to extra jars of Momo’s applesauce.
Wise is humble and grateful for the opportunity to fill the bellies of the people she cares most about.
“Every time I would make a batch for a family gathering or some of my gift jars for the holidays, people would always tell me how wonderful it is and that they wish I would bottle it up and sell it,” she said. “The kids always sneak away extra jars and I just figured I’d have to make more before they came to the house. It’s always been such a hit with family and friends and now you can try it too.”
Wise Family Foods LLC was created by Momo’s grandchildren and Rancho Santa Fe residents Core Operating Officer Christy Wise and Chief Apple Officer David Wise. Their goal was to share Momo’s Applesauce, the inaugural product of Wise Family Foods.
The sauce only uses the freshest ingredients, including organic Washington and California apples, water, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and natural flavors and does not use any chemicals to peel or process their apples. The applesauce is milk, dairy and peanut-free.
“We pride ourselves in making an applesauce that doesn’t look and taste like baby food,” Christy Wise said. “It is thicker, chunkier and tastes better. In fact, it’s so homemade, the taste and texture will speak for itself.”
Momo’s Applesauce can be found online at


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