Surfer to spend fundraising year on the water

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — Sarah Hughen, a Cardiff resident and surfer, has chosen a special and unusual quest — to surf a wave a day — in an effort to raise consciousness about breast cancer.
“Beginning May 1, I will be surfing every day for 365 days straight to benefit Breast Cancer awareness,” Hughen said. “I will be giving 100 percent of all donations to the Keep A Breast Foundation. I hope to spread the word about this mission in our local community as well as nationally.
Hughen has lived in Encinitas for 11 years. During her year-long mission, she plans to surf mostly between Cardiff and Carlsbad. During the year, however, she will be hosting events in Wisconsin and Idaho and other yet-to-be-determined East coast locations.
“I came up with this idea after constantly being haunted by the statistics of women becoming diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said. “I want to promote prevention and healthy lifestyle and inspire people to take action and become involved.
I will be blogging daily with photographs about the journey and I am going to show my commitment through my determination to be out there rain or shine.
Hughen has a special pink surfboard she will use for the duration.


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