Music teacher lauded twice

CARLSBAD — Hope Elementary School Music Teacher Sharon Evans has received the Outstanding General Music Educator Award from the California Association of Music Education. The award was given in honor of her years of devotion, patience and commitment to music and to students of music, and for inspiring students to the highest levels of music education, appreciation and performance. Evans also recently won the San Diego County Office of Education’s Fortissimo Choice award, becoming one of only three people ever to receive this recognition.
“I am doing what I was created to do. I love sharing the joy and intricacies of music with my students. When I hear them humming a piece of classical music, see them hovering around a poster of famous composers discussing their names and different hairstyles, or listen to a parent sing the praises of a former student who is excelling in music, I feel rewarded,” said Evans, a 19-year music teacher. “I am delighted that CUSD, along with the financial backing of the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, is giving students the opportunity to have their lives forever enriched through the study of music in all of its forms. Music education taught by qualified music teachers must remain a part of every school’s curriculum.”


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