CCA swim and dive team on winning streak

CARMEL VALLEY — Canyon Crest Academy’s Swim and Dive Team came home dripping records and trophies from their last two meets. The first was on March 25 at Escondido High School, and the second was on April 1 at Del Norte High School. During the Escondido meet, Annabel Tomes broke the CCA school record in the 500 free-style with a time of 5:09.19.
At the Del Norte meet, a host of personal records for the 2011 season were set. Among them, Tiffany Chau, Alex Chen, Nate Rudolph, Eric Schade, and Katie Twyman achieved personal bests in the 200-meter individual medley. Robert Burklund, Tanner Lack, Mac Lerum, and Josh Trissel did the same in the 50-meter freestyle and Casey Crocamo and Dillon Patel shined in the 100-meter freestyle.
Caitlin McCallum, Dion Mohager, and Derek Yen set personal best records in the 200-meter freestyle; Eric Arnett, Charlie Doherty, as did Eric Schade in the 500-meter freestyle; Tiffany Chau, Charlie Doherty, and Kevin Li in the 100-meter butterfly; Alex Chen, Carly Rasmussen, Naomi Stapleton, and Josh Trissel in the 100-meterbreast stroke; and Kyle Grozen in the 100-meter backstroke.
In addition to all the individual personal bests smashed by CCA athletes during the Del Norte meet, even more personal records were established during relay competition. Among the record-setting teams were Jerry Guess, Kyle Grozen, Eric Schade and Josh Trissel in the Boys Varsity 200-meter medley relay; Charlie Doherty, Tanner Lack, Mac Lerum and Nicholas McGhee in the Boys Junior Varsity 200-meter medley relay; Matthew Briscoe, Taylor Dean, Kevin Li, and Josh Trissel in the Boys Varsity 200-meter freestyle relay; and Casey Crocamo, Charlie Doherty, Mattias Henning, and Dion Mohager in the Boys Junior Varsity 400-meter freestyle relay.
Also notable in CCA Swim and Dive Team news is the distribution of weekly awards to student-athletes by head coach Nico Kintz in recognition of outstanding performance at both practice and meets. Since the season began in late February, recipients have included Carly Rasmussen and Josh Trissel for the week of Feb. 28; Tiffany Chau and Kevin Li for the week of March 7; Matthew Briscoe, Alex Chen, Taylor Patterson, and Ariel Vacheron (dive) for the week of March 14; and Caiti McCallum, Charlie Doherty and David Twyman for the week of March 21.


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