Students work to save the world

CARLSBAD — Students at La Costa Canyon High School, led by the students of Jerry Trust’s AP Environmental Studies class, are planning a host of special events to celebrate Earth Week from April 18 through April 22 with Earth Day April 21.
“We look to Earth Day as an opportunity to educate students and the community about the harmful effects of global warming, deforestation, and many other topics,” student Maddie Rudnick said. “The main theme of our event this year is ‘Be a Zero.’ We want to inspire people to be in a zero in that they have zero effect on the environment and they have zero emissions. We want people to know the facts about emissions. For example, one gallon of gas used is responsible for 25 pounds of heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere. We hope that we can make a difference.”
LCC is an environmentally progressive school, which has just set up solar panels that will power a vast majority of the school, has a schoolwide recycling project called Feed the Cow, and a reusable water bottle project to get all LCC students away from plastic water bottles.
“We’re a class and a school hoping to make a difference in our society and we want to get the word out, ” Maddie said
The Earth Day event at LCC began in 2009. Prior to that, students participated in Roots and Shoots, an organization that does community service.
“We made the switch to Earth Day, because we wanted to get the word out about the current state of our world and the damage we are doing to our earth,” Rudnick said.
One of the events of the day will be Maddie’s father, oceanographer Daniel Rudnick, speaking on the harmful effects global warming.
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