School district plans shift in administrators

COAST CITIES — Some shifts in administrative assignments, at the San Dieguito Union High School District high schools and middle schools, were recently announced by SDUHS Superintendent Ken Noah. The changes do away with two district administrative positions.
For the 2011-2012 school year, the following changes will be made:
— Earl Warren Middle School Principal Anna Pedroza will take over as principal at Oak Crest Middle School, replacing Terry Calen, who is retiring.
— Diegueño Middle School Principal Mary Anne Nuskin will take over as principal at Earl Warren Middle School.
— Diegueño Middle School Assistant Principal Bryan Marcun has been promoted to the principal’s spot at that school. The assistant principal position is now being advertised.
— Carmel Valley Middle School Assistant Principal Jeff Copeland has been promoted to assistant principal at Canyon Crest Academy High School, replacing retiring Barbara Stroud.
— The assistant principal position at Carmel Valley Middle School vacated by Copeland’s transfer has been eliminated.
— Athletic director responsibilities at San Dieguito Academy and Canyon Crest Academy will be absorbed by Assistant Principals Jeff Copeland and Ryan Yee.


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