Construction on new Costco begins

SAN MARCOS — Costco began pouring its 140,098-square-foot slab for its new San Marcos store on March 31. The slab pour will happen in five separate concrete pours scheduled over seven working days. The contractor may increase the number of concrete sections and working days based on how much work can be accomplished on the first day.
The city has agreed to allow Costco to extend their working hours in order to expedite this portion of the project since concrete work is more time-sensitive than other aspects of the construction project.
Contractors will be permitted to work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Work will be limited to the concrete slab only, and sound walls are in place to help screen the noise and light impacts for neighbors.
A traffic flagger will be posted at the northerly Center Drive construction gate to help with any traffic impacts on Center Drive and Nordahl Road.
Costco is about midway through construction of its new warehouse in San Marcos. The new store is slated to open this summer.
For more information, contact City Inspector Duane Soileau at (760) 877-0669.


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