COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Flower Hill Promenade improvements — a positive for the community

There has been a lot of talk lately about the improvement plans for Flower Hill Promenade shopping center, which were recently given a stamp of approval from the city of San Diego’s Planning Commission. This follows approval from the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board. As president of Spindrift Del Mar Homeowners Association, a residential community located adjacent to the shopping center, I believe it’s important for the community to know our Homeowners Association’s board of directors voted unanimously to support this project for a number of reasons.
First, Protea Properties, which owns Flower Hill Promenade, made a concerted effort to reach out to residents around the center to get our input and feedback. Because our community shares access to Flower Hill Drive with the shopping center, we initially had reservations about the project. Protea met with the Spindrift Del Mar Homeowners Association on a regular basis for several months to find solutions that addressed our concerns.
We believe the revitalization of Flower Hill Promenade will improve the surrounding community by giving a facelift to existing exteriors and creating pedestrian connections between the mall and our community. We feel that Flower Hill Promenade is long overdue for these kinds of changes.
The project will also bring a Whole Foods market and plazas for visitors to gather and socialize. We feel Whole Foods is a very positive addition not only by itself but also because other quality businesses will be attracted to the center. We feel the completed project will be a community amenity that will not only result in improved property values for surrounding residential property owners but also potential new sales tax revenues that will benefit our governments.
This project has already received approval at every level of the entitlement process. We sincerely hope the members of the City Council will follow the recommendations of the decision makers who preceded them by approving the new Flower Hill Promenade when it comes before them this month.

Horace Dietrich is president of the Spindrift Del Mar Homeowners Association.


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