Youngsters work to understand global water crisis

ENCINITAS — During the month of March, St. John’s Catholic School students took on “The Water Challenge.”
First, for two weeks, students were asked to make water their only beverage and donate the money that would have gone toward purchasing other drinks to The Water Project. Money raised will be donated toward building wells or filtration systems in Kenya, Sudan, Sierra Leone or India.
Students learned that a child dies every 15 seconds due to a lack of clean, safe water. March 22 was World Water Day, and the final day of St. John School’s Water Challenge. During PE, students were asked to carry jugs filled with water for two laps around the school field, about one-quarter of a mile. Younger children carried about 5 pounds of water, and older students carried about 15 pounds of water in old laundry or milk jugs.
Carrying the water for this short distance was meant to show solidarity with the thousands of children who may walk six to nine hours a day, carrying a 40-pound container of water for their family, instead of receiving an education.


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