Teens headed for charity work in India

CARLSBAD — North Coast Calvary Chapel is sending 10 high school students halfway around the world to help those in serious need.
These teens, part of North Coast Calvary Chapel’s High School Ministry in Carlsbad, along with two leaders, will be going to Chennai, India, for the first half of July, spending two weeks working at Sangita Children’s Home. While at Sangita, they will be helping out the many widows who are forced out of their homes because their husbands have died and their children who are left alone on the streets by their parents.
The group is accepting monetary donations to help fund the Mission Trip and provide food, school supplies and toys to the Children’s Home. Those interested in making a donation to this cause should send a check to: North Coast Calvary Chapel
1330 Poinsettia Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011.
The Sangita Children’s Home is a safe place for children who have been abused, have parents who have AIDS, and children of lepers or other serious illnesses. Additionally, the home goes to local elementary schools and teaches the students to play many different sports.
“This trip changed my life when I went for my first time two years ago,” said trip chaperone Rondi Pogue. “I wish I’d had this experience when I was in high school; it would have changed some of my thoughts, actions, and decisions in a positive way. A trip like this can be a better teaching tool than a semester long class at their high school here in San Diego.”


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