Bulldog Bike Race gears up competition on Pendleton

CAMP PENDLETON — Pedals spun and hearts pumped during Camp Pendleton’s grueling 9th annual Bulldog Bike Race on March 19 at Las Pulgas.
The Bulldog Bike Race is part of the Marine Corps Special Operations Command Hardcore Race Series, which includes three mud runs, a half marathon, bike races, a duathlon and a triathlon. There are 10 events that make up the intense series of races. At the conclusion of the series, points from each race are added up and an overall winner is announced as series champion.
“This year’s Bulldog Bike Race is the most intense I’ve ever seen,” said Theresa Flores, event coordinator, Semper Fit, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. “Even though the weather was a little gloomy, the cyclists still came out and put on a great show for everyone here.”
The race consisted of 26 miles of hills along the base’s coastline and an extremely steep one-mile-long climb at the half-way mark. Just like last year’s event, unpredictable weather added to the challenging course.
“This is the second year in a row that it has rained right before the start,” said Daniel Lada, competitor. “It almost feels like it should be a tradition letting us know that the games have begun.”
The winners of this year’s race were Deya Guerrero for overall female competitor with a finishing time of one hour and 19 minutes, and Norman Zellers for overall male competitor with a finishing time of one hour and 10 minutes.
“The key to my success during the race wasn’t because of how strong I am or how good of shape I’m in. It was the support I received from my family and friends,” said Zellers. “I trained just about every day for months. This just goes to show that you get however much you are willing to put in.”
For more information regarding the remaining MARSOC Hard Corps Race Series events, log onto www.camppendletonraces.com or call (760) 725-6836.


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